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Can apple cider vinegar get rid of heartburn

So, keep a record of when you experience these symptoms and relay them to your doctor or nurse. Other Diseases. It is high in fiber, which speeds digestion and reducing the environment that creates acid reflux. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Is it heartburn? Most insurance companies will pay for the Stretta procedure here in Southeast Louisiana. The consumption of baking soda is also useful as a home remedy, as it helps to increase the pH level and reduces acid reflux. Chittumma P, Kaewkiattikun K, Wiriyasiriwach B. It is generally understood that GERD is caused by a dysfunction of the muscular valve that separates the lower end of the esophagus from the Can apple cider vinegar get rid of heartburn However, many people that have heartburn believe that they are having a heart attack.