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Home remedies to fix heartburn

Here are just some of the possible causes of the condition: Pregnant women and nursing mothers should discuss the use of proton pump inhibitors with their health care provider, although recent studies suggest that PPIs do not pose an increased risk of birth defects. Foods that trigger heartburn vary among different people, but common triggers include spicy foods, fatty foods, alcohol, tomatoes, orange juice, coffee and chocolate. This exact recipe works every day, not just for me, but for chart-topping musicians, professional poker players, MMA fights, olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 CEOs. Spicy seasonings are hard to digest, says Jennifer Niebyl, MD, professor and head of obstetrics and gynecology at the Hospitals and Clinics at the University of Iowa in Home remedies to fix heartburn City. Feeling hopeless about acid reflux. McKenna D, Spence D, Haggan SE, et al. In fact, as a preventive measure, you can sprinkle salt on some fresh Home remedies to fix heartburn slices and chew it thoroughly after eating a heavy meal. Over time, it damages the lining of your esophagus the tube from your throat to your stomach .